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ST Outlook - 24 March 2012

by Admin
The US markets have formed peaks and now the big question is: "was that THE peak?", in other words is that the expected peak of at least 40-week magni...

ST Outlook - 17 March 2012

by Admin
The big news this week has been that US markets have made "new highs". This is being peddled by many as a reason to be even more bullish, but as a dye...

ST Outlook - 10 March 2012

by Admin
S&P 500 Finally the US stock market succumbed to its "vulnerability to a downward fall" as mentioned last week, and on Tuesday the S&P 500 pl...

ST Outlook - 3 March 2012

by Admin
S&P500 I am tempted to reach for my thesaurus and search for new ways to describe the continued upward progress of the S&P 500. Limping, falt...

Finalist in "The Technical Analyst Awards 2012"

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For the second year running, Sentient Trader was selected as a Finalist for "The Technical Analyst Awards 2012". The Award Ceremony took place at a Ga...

ST Outlook - 25 February 2012

by Admin
S&P 500 The S&P 500 reluctantly squeezed out another few points this week, as the most likely analysis discussed last week suggested it would....

ST Outlook - 18 February 2012

by Admin
S&P 500 Three weeks ago I presented our current analysis of the S&P500 (using data for the e-mini futures contract). I discussed the 54-month ...

ST Outlook - 11 February 2012

by Admin
Today we'll take a look at Gold, a particular favorite of mine. As a South African, the price of Gold has always played an important role, and Hurst d...

ST Outlook - 4 February 2012

by Admin
Today we are looking at the long term picture for the Euro/US Dollar forex pair. Here is the chart with the analysis I currently favor, including cycl...

ST Outlook - 28 January 2012

by Admin
I started writing Sentient Trader Outlook last year as a fun way of using the "blog" capability of our website, at the same time showcasing Sentient T...