Hurst Cycles Trading and Analysis


"Trading Hurst Cycles" at Traders World Online Expo #9

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Visit the Traders World Online Expo 9, to view an exclusive webinar about "Trading with Hurst's Cyclic Theory".  It is available from 1st March 2011....

Finalist in "The Technical Analyst Awards 2011"

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Sentient Trader has been selected for the "Finalist - Best Specialist Product" category in the annual awards of the prestigious magazine "The Technica...

Hurst Cycles Article in "The Technical Analyst" Magazine

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An introductory article about JM Hurst's Market Cycles appears in the January - March 2011 edition (Issue 39) of  The Technical Analyst Magazine.  E...

Your Trading Edge (YTE) Magazine Article

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Watch out for "Trading Life", an autobiographical article by David Hickson, creator of the Sentient Trader - Hurst Trading System and which is based o...

Press Release - Sentient Trader

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SENTIENT TRADER cycles to Profit with JM Hurst Mogliano, Macerata, Italy (25th October 2010) In a pioneering development set to benefit day traders ...

Peaks are complicated

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The market has been going up in a fairly straight line since late August, and it looks as if the rise is getting tired and the market is about to turn...

Upgrading from The Hurst Trader to Sentient Trader

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I am delighted to announce that Sentient Trader is now ready! We are going to be upgrading all current users of The Hurst Trader over the next week. ...

Sentient Trader's New Look

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The first reaction of our beta testing team when they got their hands on the all-new Sentient Trader was: "Wow, it looks so fantastic!" (and yes it st...

Interesting Cyclic Theory questions (and some answers)

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A Sentient Trader user recently asked some very interesting questions about the Cyclic Theory that underlies the analysis performed by Sentient Trader...

More history - personal motivations

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Providing a little more historical background to the Sentient Trader project, here is a very early post to the original Sentient Code blog. The post e...