Hurst Cycles Trading and Analysis


Hurst Cycles Alerts - 12 December 2014

by David Hickson
A big moment for a Hurstonian is when price touches one of Hurst's cyclic tools. (I am stealing William's term Hurstonian, which sounds so much ...

Hurst Cycles and Elliott Wave - 5 December 2014

by David Hickson
I published to Hurst Cycles today about a fascinating subject: the commonality between Hurst Cycles and Elliott Wave. You can read the full post here ...

The Hurst Trading Room Podcast!

by David Hickson
I am very pleased to announce that The Hurst Trading Room now has its own podcast channel - On a regular basis I will be shar...

Watching The Euro - 28 November 2014

by David Hickson
In September I discussed reasons why I expected the Euro to turn up in November or December of this year. That time is upon us, and I am watching th...

The 40-Day Trough - 21 November 2014

by David Hickson
Performing a Hurst analysis is all about identifying the positions of cycle troughs in the price movement. But when the market is moving strongly, as ...

When Will The Bull Market End? - 14 November 2014

by David Hickson
The media is full of speculation about how long this bull market is going to last, and so I thought I’d throw in my two cents worth! Of course th...

18-month or longer? - 31 October 2014

by David Hickson
Last week I discussed the possibility that the October 2014 trough was of 18-month magnitude, and as the US markets all reached up to new highs today...

A Robust Trading Method - 24 October 2014

by David Hickson
One of the reasons that I enjoy trading using Hurst’s cyclic principles is because it is a robust trading method. What I mean by this is that the tr...

The Cycle Jump - 17 October 2014

by David Hickson
Hurst’s Cycle Tools (the VTL and FLD) are very useful as analysis tools, helping us know when a trough or peak has formed in the market. And they ar...

Turning Bearish - 10 October 2014

by David Hickson
I wrote last week about price crossing below the 18-month VTL, and mentioned that I would want to see the median price on a weekly chart cross below t...