Hurst Cycles Trading and Analysis

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The 80-day trough - 1 November 2017

by David Hickson
In our recent Hurst cycles webinar on 16 October 2017, I discussed the trading opportunity that was presenting itself in the S&P 500 for the marke...

Is This A Mid-Channel Pause? - 7 February 2015

by David Hickson
As any trough is approached in the markets I always like to stand by in anticipation of that trough, in case it happens early. Troughs occur early in ...

Markets And Manipulation - 23 January 2015

by David Hickson
I am often asked "In what markets do Hurst Cycles work best?" I have always answered that Hurst Cycles work equally well in any liquid, well-traded...

Hurst Cycles Alerts - 12 December 2014

by David Hickson
A big moment for a Hurstonian is when price touches one of Hurst's cyclic tools. (I am stealing William's term Hurstonian, which sounds so much ...

A Robust Trading Method - 24 October 2014

by David Hickson
One of the reasons that I enjoy trading using Hurst’s cyclic principles is because it is a robust trading method. What I mean by this is that the tr...

The FLD Pullback - 27 September 2014

by David Hickson
The FLD (Future Line of Demarcation) is a very useful aid in the analysis of a market, and also for making trading decisions. Anyone who uses the FLD...

The 40-Day Cycle Trough - 18 July 2014

by David Hickson
Last week I wrote about my reasons for thinking that the 20-week cycle trough occurred on 16 June 2014 and I mentioned that the 40-day cycle trough mi...

Analyzing With The FLD - 11 July 2014

by David Hickson
I have written a great deal about how I use the FLD to make trading decisions with the FLD Trading Strategy, but of course the FLD (Future Line of Dem...

Hurst Signals - Notable Trades - April 2014

by Paul Johnson
Hurst Signals are published automatically every day and when Trading Opportunities occur, they are displayed on our Online Charts as well as publishe...

A Longer Cycle View - 30 May 2014

by David Hickson
I am often asked whether the FLD trading strategy works with cycles other than the 20-day cycle, and I believe it does. In this post I would like to c...